Vedic Astrology


“Dear Susanne, Vedic astrology has accompanied me since my visit of a palm leaf library many years ago. For me it was a great fortune to meet you, enthusiastically lecturing and telling me that this was your vocation. This is why I am seeing you each and every year in order to receive my yearly reading. And year after year I am enjoying your analysis, that always proves correct. One can feel, that you are entirely living the vedic astrology with enthuasiasm. I am also asking for your astrological advice when times come up that need decision making. This gives me incredible support. I am full of gratitude and always will recommend you!”

– Bhagavati, Hamburg

“Dear Susanne, one year ago you interpreted my horoscope chart, and at that time I did not yet feel entirely understood. I needed some time to pass by, and by now I know that everything you told me was entirely true.“

– Steffi, Rostock

“Dear Susanne Both, I am still overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the preciseness with which you analized my birth chart. Overwhelmed by your intensive personal attentiveness and the clarity of your specific wording. Overwhelmed by how detailed you framed my personality. I recognise my life. Your reading reveals all – past and presence of my life. I am excited about the possibilities and welcome the opportunities that are still possible for me to approach. What I am still capable of achieving.“

– Christine, Köln

“I have just read the interpretation of my horoscope again. It is always fascinating and strikingly precise. Really astonishing!“

– Alexander, Hamburg

„Finally all the good results of your prediction have shown up! It is amazing and wonderful, how astrology works!“

– Susanne, Göppingen

“Dear Susanne, I just have to tell you again, how stunned I am about the preciceness with which your analysis describes my essential self.“

– Dorothea, Solothurn

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The consultations will be in German or English language, either in person, over the telephone or via video conference call (skype or zoom). All of the readings are recorded and sent to the client after the reading as downloadable mp3 file via email (wetransfer). Usually, the file is uploaded within a week after the reading is done, together with the other written documents.