Medical astrology enables the astrologer to identify certain disease dispositions and recognize the point in time when it is most likely triggered. By request, I can give advice on how to proceed and refer to the respective physicians and therapists.

The consultation deals with understanding, prophylaxis and supportive measures and is not directly about healing.

During the months of December 2018 and January 2019 I will be staying in Thailand, giving readings on Koh Lanta. I am looking forward to consulting my clients in Germany via video conference call (skype or zoom).

Vedische Astrologie in Hamburg - Susanne Both - LebensPotenziale


The consultations will be in German or English language, either in person, over the telephone or via video conference call (skype or zoom). All of the readings are recorded and sent to the client after the reading as downloadable mp3 file via email (wetransfer). Usually, the file is uploaded within a week after the reading is done, together with the other written documents.

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