Vedic Astrology


Vedic Astrology


Every consultation is based on a mutual search for truth and clarity by means of the Vedic techniques. In a first telephone interview which takes place prior to the reading you will define your main issues. Based on this preliminary interview, the final set-up for the reading will be agreed upon.

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What I need for the readings:
• Your date of birth
• Your precise time of birth as stated in your birth certificate (you can ask for the specific time of your birth at your birth place’s registry office)
• Your birth place
Vedische Astrologie - Beratungen - Susanne Both


This thorough first reading reveals your past, present and future situation in life. We discuss your potentials but also the challenges you face. You define the main issues that are most important to you at this time.

Duration 1,5 hrs | 180 €

Vedische Astrologie - Beratungen - Susanne Both


In contrast to the comprehensive horoscope analysis which focuses on life as a whole, the yearly chart analysis deals with a specific period that needs clarification.

The near future / the next year will be in focus.

Duration: max. 1 hr. | 90€


This service is only available to clients that have already had a comprehensive reading.

Vedische Astrologie - Beratungen - Susanne Both

Relationship Compatability

Interfamiliar connections, business relations, friendships or love relationships – in the relationship compatability reading the horoscopes of two people are analysed and compared using several different techniques.

Duration max. 3 hrs. respectively 2 x 90 min. | 360 €

Vedische Astrologie - Beratungen - Susanne Both

Question Chart / Prashna

This technique enables the astrologer to get precise answers to questions that arise in everyday life. “Should I quit my job?“ “Does it make sense to invest?“ “Will my daughter study abroad?“.

The exact to the minute moment the question is asked leads to the answer. Please send an email with the question on your mind and you will get a detailed answer to your problem, either in written form or via telephone.

50 €

Vedische Astrologie - Beratungen - Susanne Both

Medical Astrology

An astromedical analysis of your birth chart serves as a supplement to your horoscope reading. It entails a detailed analysis concerning physical and mental health.

Duration 1,5 hrs. | 180 €

Vedische Astrologie - Beratungen - Susanne Both

Election Horoscope / Muhurta

Everybody knows there are good and bad times in life. The Muhurta enables the astrologer to find the best time for the realisation of a specific important event and thus enhance its outcome (founding of a company, buying real estate, marriage, investments, moving house, etc.)


The consultation fee depends on the amount of work and if more than one person is involved. The answer will be in written form or via telephone.

Remedial Measures

Vedic astrology is equipped with a variety of ancient techniques and prescriptions against negative tendencies and difficult planetary periods ahead. These include mantras, yantras and gem stones. I will be happy to find the appropriate approach for your specific situation.

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The consultations will be in German or English language, either in person, over the telephone or via video conference call (skype or zoom). All of the readings are recorded and sent to the client after the reading as downloadable mp3 file via email (wetransfer). Usually, the file is uploaded within a week after the reading is done, together with the other written documents.

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